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Autumn/Winter 2016

A/W 2016,

The inspiration of the collection is drawn on the day to day life and its hectic and chaotic surroundings. Exploring the balance between the everyday life and the social essence in the media.


Influences and reference points originates from packaging objects and carriers. They are transformed into modern practical commodities by pattern and surface manipulation.


The leather has been reworked and altered into a protection safeguard, which are subtly reminiscing of delicate bubble wrap and padded packaging. This is visualized and modified into the silhouettes of the collection. This can be seen subtle in the entire range which converts into coveted accessories that you can carry during the day as well as in the evening with a contemporary conceptual feel.

Modern functionalism and social awareness coincide with today’s technology and its advancements. This generated the need of the technology gadgets and to bridge this need we have created slim lined cover sleeves with soft bubble wrapped padding that fits the IPad Pro, IPad Air and IPad Mini.

The collection comes in a variety of leather qualities: “Specchio” Illuminating and modern vibrant mirror leather.

“Ciniglia” Surface treated leather made to look like fabric exteriors. “Lust” Smooth Napa leather.

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