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- S T U D I O   C O L L E C T I O N-

          Spring/Summer 2017



I’MADE….. I AM MADE…, a play on words… sums of today’s society!


The spring summer 2017 Studio collection “I'MADE“ is a fusion and collaboration of simple geometrical shapes, graffiti, art & craftsmanship’s combined with an array of bright colours!

The emphasis of the studio collection is purely on the visual outside and focusing on details. The inside is more reminiscent of a shallow shell, drawing a parallel to the superficial atmosphere that today’s society consist of.


The capsule range is inspired by trashy and plastic art with influences from the artist Julia Dault’s plexi sculptures, which are contorted and controlled stringed up art pieces.


The surface is built up of 2 layers of plastic sheets, the bottom has been sprayed with the supersized collection name I’MADE. The plastic is then covered up with the second layer to keep the artwork safe from outside intrusions. The shapes of the collection are kept to a minimum and are influenced by geometrics, such as cylinders and squares. The geometrical patterns pieces are then carefully placed on the sandwiched artwork and cut into shapes. The para cord is used as a sewing machine, by lacing the parts together the pieces are created and made by hand in our Stockholm studio.


Both sides are used of the artwork, the Cylinder, Kvadrat and Shopper has the original front side as outer shell. The Clutch and necklace pouch has the back side as the front which gives them a more scattered effect of the artwork which is the first layer of the graffiti strokes.


The graffiti artwork is made in a collaboration with the graffiti artist Pasha, who has been active on the graffiti scene since 1987. Represented by

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